When the quarantine hit, my response as an artist was to pull out my 1969 Rolleiflex camera and to start shooting with black and white film. I'd not developed film for many years, having switched to digital photography in the early aughts and I looked forward to this change. I found an old close-up lens I'd purchased back in the 90s and being a portrait photographer, I was thrilled to discover that by using this lens, I could photograph people without masks because I didn't have to get too close. I photographed those who surrounded me - my husband, colleagues, neighbors, a few visitors and dance pals. I asked everyone I photographed to respond to this question, "What do you think of this pandemic world?" I was so moved by the range of responses, from despair over the loss of a loved one to anger over police brutality, that I wanted to tell this story in book form, to integrate these narratives with the images to express how it felt to be in lockdown and to be in a different world.